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Handwritten letters are treasures: MORI PEARLS's "Hatachino Love Letter Campaign"

MORI PEARLS has launched the "Hatachino Love Letter" campaign, which aims to express gratitude in both directions to those who give pearls at the coming-of-age ceremonies in 2022 and 2023.
We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who participated.

In today's world, digital tools such as email and LINE have become widespread, making handwritten letters a little less common.
However, its classical techniques will make it a treasured memory.

Mori Pearl is committed to handwriting and has collaborated with calligrapher Ryo Uchiyama on numerous occasions.
They work together to hold calligraphy classes and exhibit calligraphy works, and this year they even did live painting of the characters for the zodiac animals "Dragon" and "Sakura" in the shop windows, updating them with each season.

Many people are also enjoying Uchiyama's Instagram.
Please take a look.

The third installment is scheduled for Friday, May 7th.

The 2024 zodiac sign "Dragon" version can be viewed here , and the "Cherry Blossoms #Play in Spring" version can be viewed here .

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