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Hatachino Love Letter - 20 year old letter to that special someone

Hatachino Love Letter 20 Years Old Letter

hatachi love letter

20-year-old letter A message for that special someone right now

Thank you for applying to the "2022-2023 Hatachino Love Letter" campaign.
Congratulations to all the award winners.

Award-winning work

[2022-2023] Hatachino Love Letter

Mori Pearl Award
Mori Pearl Prize “The reason why I was able to win the battle with my heart”
The reason why I was able to win the battle with Kokoro

Region: Saitama Prefecture

Pen name: Nayuri

Partner: Mom

I have been suffering from a mental illness called schizophrenia since I was in the first year of junior high school.
At first, my mother grieved with me, and when I became depressed due to my illness, or when I became pessimistic and desperate, she would sink with me. But my mother...

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Special prize
Special Prize “Towards the remaining two years”
For the remaining two years

Region: Kumamoto Prefecture

Pen name: Koko-san

Partner: lover

We met in our first year at university, and at first I just respected my seniors, but over the year we've been together, I've come to understand more and more about his good and bad points...

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Special prize
Special Prize: “The one who enjoyed life wins”
Enjoying life wins

Area: Tokyo

Pen name: Auntie from Tokyo

Partner: niece

I'm surprised that you're only 20 years old, and you used to come and stay with me every New Year's and summer vacation and make a fuss about it. I haven't decided on my career path yet...

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Special prize
Special Prize “The Best Ally”
best ally

Region: Kanagawa Prefecture

Pen name: Omochisan

Partner: Mom

My number one ally has always been my mother. When I came home crying after a fight with a friend, he gently rubbed my back and asked me, ``What's wrong?''

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I'll give you a letter with my own warmth.
What is a 20-year-old letter ~ Hatachino Love Letter ~?

At the age of 20, I want you to express your feelings and thoughts towards your loved ones.
I would like to collect everyone's messages filled with love and create a place to share all kinds of stories.
I hope that many people will learn about the purpose of this project, and that with your courage, many treasures will be born.

Planner interview

I'll give you a letter with my own warmth.
How about writing a letter?

Thoughts for someone important to you.
feelings for family. Thank you to your mentors and benefactors. I want you to convey the message you couldn't say to that person ``now''.
Moreover, it was a bold letter written “because it’s now.”

A message from you when you are 20 years old to someone special to you A message from you to someone who is turning 20 years old

A one-of-a-kind love letter in the world

About recruitment and selection
About recruitment and selection

We are looking for the message you want to convey.
The messages collected from everyone will be introduced on the Japan website as "Hatachino Love Letter" stories from all over Japan.
Among those who apply, we will give away a celebratory pearl product as the Mori Pearl Prize (1 person) and the special prize (3 people).


\ Let's all go together /

20 year old letter

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The 20-year-old letter campaign is planned and operated by Mori Pearl Co., Ltd. ( click here for the company website ).
For inquiries, please contact Mori Pearl Co., Ltd.'s 20-year-old letter office.


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