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About Mori Pearl

Based on our corporate philosophy of "Creating dreams and joy through the beauty of pearls," we have been working with pearls for 50 years. Mori Pearl creates and proposes a life filled with pearls.

Shinju Monogatari Bridal Pearl Collection

Mori Pearl original bridal line

“Pearl Story®”

Special feature on pearl engagement rings. A unique proof of your vows with pearls, which are trending worldwide.

Pearl & Art

Collaboration of pearl and art

Creation of new value from Mori Pearl. This is a collaboration work of pearls and art. Artist Gaku Igarashi's drawings of pygmy creatures and the jewels of pearls that are nurtured by living creatures create a gentle and gentle worldview.

2022-2023 Hatachi-no-Loveletter

A letter from a 20-year-old to that special someone. We have invited heartwarming messages from those who have reached adulthood, and would like to convey them now.