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non-binary non-binary

Unisex brand developed by Mori Pearl


A pearl brand that anyone can wear regardless of age, gender, or allergies.

Binary is a word that refers to something that is made up of two elements, and is derived from gender binary.

I want to be the first pearl I meet in my life.

In order for as many people as possible to enjoy pearls, we want to make the encounter with pearls the best possible experience for those who have never worn pearls before.
This necklace is long enough to be worn loosely, making it easy to match with casual styles.
All metal parts that come into contact with the skin are made of titanium, so it is recommended for those who have avoided accessories due to metal allergies.

“First pearl and bracelet”

Many people think that pearls are a very difficult item for men.
For those people, why not start with a bracelet that brings you closer to pearls?

For the first in the series, we chose Akoya pearls in blue and baroque pearls.
What's more, this model can be wrapped twice and used as a bracelet.
The total length is approximately 43cm, so it can also be used as a necklace.

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[nonbinary] Akoya pearl bracelet 7.0mm/total length 24cm

¥27,500 (Tax included.)

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[nonbinary] Akoya pearl bracelet 7.0mm/total length 43cm

¥66,000 (Tax included.)

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[nonbinary] Akoya pearl necklace 7.0mm

¥99,000 (Tax included.)

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