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We will treat (repair) your precious necklace.
Pearls are worn on various occasions. I think it may be used suddenly.
In addition to the condition of the pearl, the thread of the necklace requires regular maintenance.
We also accept necklaces purchased from other stores, so please feel free to contact us.

Our hospital specializes in pearls.
Since pearls are highly specialized treasures, we will provide appropriate treatment and guidance after a thorough examination.
We also accept consultations regarding any problems or concerns you may have regarding pearls. Please feel free to use. (Free consultation)

Treatment example

Please let us know your symptoms (condition) and your wishes using the inquiry form.
After that, you can come to our hospital or have it shipped to you. (Shipping costs will be borne by the customer)
We have a reservation system for visiting our clinic.
We also accept drop-offs, but please note that you may have to wait or the person in charge may not be available.

Treatment flow

  • Consultation only (medical examination)...Suggestions on what can be done
  • Same-day service (on-the-spot treatment or same-day surgery): We perform simple repairs.
  • Storage (hospitalization): Repairs and estimates that cannot be done immediately
  • Unrepairable: If we cannot repair the item, we will either return it or refer you to a second opinion provider.

Course (menu)

Normal size and length for necklaces *Threads (regular/all knots), wire processing, long and baby (small grain) items can be treated with a quote. From 2,310 yen
add necklace beads ASK
ring size correction ASK
Ring refinishing ASK
Earrings/piercing metal fittings replacement ASK
Earrings/Earrings ASK
Bead collection and bead matching ASK
Various renovations ASK
Pearl cleaning (TBD)

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