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Beautiful Ocean Project 2024

Tsutom Nagai x MORI PEARL
"Beautiful Ocean Project 2024"

This project began in 2019.
Following on from last year, this year we held a pearl exhibition (April 17th-21st, 2024) at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, where we performed live painting to raise awareness of the environmental issue, calling for the creation of a pearl forest.
For details, please visit the Mitsukoshi official website.

The characters in the story "Akoya no Ako-chan" notice the changes on Earth, which are expressed in comic form.
Last year, Pearl-chan held an event to inform people about changes in the marine environment, but this year a new character will be reporting on changes in the land environment.

MORI PEARL, whose motto is "Beautiful pearls come from beautiful seas," aims to contribute to the SDGs by continuously sending out SOS messages for the natural environment.
We also supported a tree planting activity in the mountains based on the theme of circulation, and with the cooperation of Tom Nagai, we held workshops in Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima and other parts of the country where participants were able to draw, resulting in the growth of a total of 300 unique pearl trees.

Furthermore, in Shima City, where pearls are from, a wall art exhibit of the characters is being held, and the mayor of Shima has also supported the project.

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