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Quality of MORI PEARLIntroducing the quality of pearls provided by Mori Pearl

High-quality pearls carefully selected by pearl professionals

At Mori Pearl, each pearl is strictly and carefully inspected.
In order to deliver pearls that will last a lifetime and accompany you for a long time, we approach pearls with high quality and safety as our top priorities.

For inspection, we have introduced a light check, which checks the nacre layer and nucleus by shining light on the pearl and allowing it to pass through.
If the light check shows that the pearl has a cracked core, we will exclude the pearl, no matter how beautiful it may seem, as it may break during use.

The reason why we can check everything before purchasing is because Mori Pearl has a solid relationship of trust with the producers.
That's why Mori Pearl's pearls are only carefully selected from the top 30% of high-quality pearls .

Mori Pearl's pearl quality

Two initiatives to ensure safe use

Delivery of certificate card (certificate)

Customers who purchase products from Mori Pearl will receive a "Certificate Card" (certificate) with the product name and purchase date written on all products.

This card passes Mori Pearl's strict inspection standards and certifies that it was officially sold at our store, so you can use it with confidence as a gift for your loved ones.

certificate card

Pearl aftercare service

We provide the following free after-care services for products purchased from our store.
If you wish to receive aftercare services, please present the certificate card given to you at the time of purchase.

Necklace thread replacement

You can use it as many times as you like after purchasing.
In order to use it for a long time, it is important not only to have a beautiful appearance but also to feel comfortable when using it.
We recommend regular thread changes.

ring resizing

One free resizing is available for one year from the date of purchase.
*A fee will be charged from the second time onwards.
It is passed down from parent to child from generation to generation, with modifications made over the years.
One of the great appeals of pearl rings is that they can be used in ways that transcend time.

pearl cleaning

In order to keep delicate pearls looking beautiful forever, regular maintenance is required.
Please use it when you are concerned about dirt and dullness.

Pearl aftercare service

For products purchased outside of our store, please feel free to contact Shinju Hospital for aftercare.