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Beautiful Ocean Project

In the pearl industry, we are planting deciduous trees in the mountains as an activity to enrich the sea under the slogan, "Let's cultivate a pearl forest" - Beautiful pearls come from the beautiful sea.
Mori Pearl supports this activity.

In order to produce beautiful pearls, we need clean water, and in order to create clean water, we need to plant trees.

We created "Akoya's Ako-chan Story" with the theme of this series of cycles.
At the same time, Pearl's character ``Akoya no Ako-chan'' was born.

Through the story, we question the necessity of sustainability.

At the 2021 event "Let's cultivate a pearl forest," we had everyone draw various leaves and fruits on tree trunks with the cooperation of picture book author and illustrator Tomu Nagai.

With the participation of friends from Sapporo, Sendai, and Hiroshima, ranging from children as young as 3 years old to elderly people over 80 years old, we gathered over 100 posters, created posters, and held triumphal exhibitions at various locations from time to time.

We also incorporated this activity into the experience event for children ``Akoya no Ako-chan Pearl Retrieval Experience'' sponsored by Mori Pearl.
Pearls are gemstones that are nurtured by living things.
Beautiful pearls cannot grow unless we respect the natural environment.
Together, we learn, communicate, and communicate that everyday life is connected to pearls.

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