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The first collection is “Kibo Candy Ball”
In Kobito's world, there is a round, white candy ball, and the story is about Kobito gently delivering it to a baby's hand as a symbol of Kibo.
It conveys the message that being born into this world surrounded by many wishes is hope itself.
"Kibo Candy Ball" became a memorable first collection, and it was also the moment when a new value of pearls and art was born.

The second collection is named ``Yume Tamago''.
``Kibou no Candy Ball'' focuses on babies being born, but ``Yume Tamago'' is an image of childhood when they have grown up a little.
There are many different types of pearls, each with a variety of colors and shapes.
For this collection, we used drop-shaped freshwater pearls to look like eggs, and asked everyone to draw them based on their childhood dreams.
What dreams did you have when you were a child?

The third and fourth collections are “Heartful Moments,” a collection themed around love.
The world of dwarfs unfolds next to a very rare heart-shaped Akoya pearl.
“#message” that values ​​family connections
“#Ai no Uta” that weaves love between friends and lovers
Two titles were announced over Christmas and Valentine's Day.
All previous works can be purchased as a set with pearls.
(*Some items have already been sold.) [2021.12/2022.02]

Continuing with hopes, dreams, and love, the fifth collection is a collection with the theme of freedom.
The announcement was made to coincide with Pride Week, which is celebrated in spring in Japan and is colored in rainbow colors.
Akoya pearls are known for their delicate iridescent colors, and are often photographed against an achromatic background such as white or black.
Therefore, I dared to photograph pearls against a colorful background, challenging the taboo of copying the background color onto the surface of a beautiful pearl.
The name of this collection expresses the idea that there can be many things.
We printed pearls on canvas and had Mr. Gaku Igarashi draw on them with a vigorous touch.
*The pearls pictured in this collection are not for sale.