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Collaboration shooting 6th edition

At Mori Pearl, we have model shoots with the cooperation of the husbands of Miyoshikai, a restaurant association with noren curtains in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

■Opportunity for model photography■
Sanshishikai was established in April 1955 as the youth wing of the Nihonbashi Cuisine and Food Association. It is said that the name Sanshishi-e was derived from this number ``April 1960''.
We are continuing to carry out activities rooted in Nihonbashi, preserving the taste of Nihonbashi, and expanding interaction with the local community.
Inspired by the Sanshishi-e members who have had a hard time during the coronavirus pandemic and are trying to ``invigorate Nihonbashi'', Mori Pearl decided to do something like this from December 2021. A collaboration has been realized.

Wearing Mori Pearl's new brand [nonbinary], the model expressed the new value that "pearls are not just for women."
With the theme of "just being cool and wonderful," we started taking photos with the aim of bringing out the exhilaration that comes from wearing pearls and bringing out the charm that had been dormant until now.

■This is actually the 6th collaboration shoot■
This collaboration shoot, which started in December 2021, is actually the 6th time. (We will introduce the collaboration shoots we have done so far here again.)
The 6th model is Mr. Takatsu, president of Ninben Co., Ltd., which is famous for its bonito flakes.
What a great photo shoot! They brought their happi coat, bonito flakes, and bonito shavings.

The president himself shaved the bonito flakes, and we got to taste the freshly shaved bonito flakes, so we were surrounded by a wonderful aroma during the photo session.
I learned for the first time that freshly shaved bonito flakes have a slight reddish color.

Thank you to President Takatsu and Public Relations Officer Obata for your cooperation.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Items worn
Standard collection Akoya pearl cufflinks
nonbinary bracelet
nonbinary necklace

At the end of the shoot, we had a service shot with our company Mori.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
At the "Sakura Festival Nihonbashi" currently being held, Ninben's limited menu is on sale.
Among them, I was interested in "Spring-colored Sakura Dango Hanaguri-bushi (with bonito flakes)"

This product was, in a word, very delicious.
The compatibility of the sakura bean paste and bonito flakes, as well as the combination of the dango and the soup stock, makes it a gentle and gentle sensation in your stomach.
This menu offers a three-step experience of spring: a Japanese scent that fills your mouth while being a feast for the eyes, and a gentleness that wraps your stomach.
Please enjoy this opportunity!
It's 400 yen including tax.
We recommend getting there early as it will sell out.

■Store information■
"Nihonbashi Dashiba Main Store"
Sales period: March 17th (Friday) to April 9th ​​(Sunday)
Offer time: 11:00-16:00 *Ends as soon as it runs out
Nihonbashi Coredo Muromachi 1 1st floor
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