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Add pearls to your ceremony style

The cold weather is gradually easing and the season is starting to bud into spring.
Preparations for graduation ceremonies and entrance ceremonies have probably already begun.
Pearl necklaces have long been the fashion item of choice for families to celebrate milestones in their lives.

You will probably have several opportunities to watch your child grow through elementary school, junior high school, high school, and university.
We also have brooches that are suitable for public occasions such as school events and ceremonies, so please take this opportunity to take a look.

In addition, pearls are chosen for adult entertainment even outside of school events, and they highlight the wearer with a soft light.
You can feel the dignified elegance in your movements.

If you own a brooch that you don't often wear, you may be wondering, ``I don't know which one to wear!'' It's very useful when you want to use it.
This time, we would like to introduce Mori Pearl's standard collection to mothers with children who will be having a ceremony.

I want mothers who are usually busy to look stylish on this day.
It's natural for your child to be the main character.
However, the mother walking next to her is also part of her child-rearing graduation and entrance ceremony.
Let's celebrate together.
Children are also very happy when their mothers are more beautiful than usual.

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