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Dragon God Toyotamahime

2024 Year of the Dragon.
In next year's "Pearl&Art" activities, we are planning to take a close-up look at "Toyota Hime."
Toyotama Hime is the god of pearls who lives in Ryugu Castle, and is said to be the model for Otohime in the fairy tale "Urashima Taro".

There are several stories about Toyotamahime, the daughter of the sea god Wadatsumi.
She is united with Hiori no Mikoto (a descendant of Amaterasu Omikami) who visited the Ryugu, and comes to earth to give birth to her pregnant child.
However, it is said that when she was seen suffering in the form of a crocodile (dragon) in the birth house, she became angry and returned to the Dragon Palace, leaving her child behind.

Toyotama Hime's deity is said to be a dragon god, a pearl, and a shrine maiden, so I would like to interpret it as "the god of pearls in the form of a dragon" and express it in various ways.

Therefore, as an extension of the "Pearl & Art" activity that has been ongoing since 2019, we would like to borrow the talents of various artists and embody the new Toyotama Hime and Pearl Princess.
Please continue to look forward to next year.

Mori Pearl Fujii
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