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Shinju Hospital Treatment File 002

●Ring creation

Patients in August
I would like to turn the black butterfly pearl that I received as a souvenir and have special memories into jewelry.

The content asks if it is possible to arrange it using pearls from pendants that are no longer in use.

A simple pendant is good, but consider a ring that you can see yourself wearing.
However, the pearls used in pendants are double-hole beads, so the holes may be noticeable when made into a ring.
Taking these aspects into consideration, we designed a ring with 3 pieces that has a strong presence.
The color of the gift pearl is bright and beautiful. The pearl pendant has a strong color, so I took advantage of the contrast.
I fitted the metal into the original hole and drilled another hole to place it at an angle that would not be noticeable when viewed from the front.

The finished product looks like this.

The contrast of colors and differences in size create a rhythmic impression.

I also returned the two pendant necklaces I had removed so they can be used again.

Would you like to make new jewelry using materials you already have? Matron A
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