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Ginza Mitsukoshi ~Autumn Casual Pearl Fair~

Ginza Mitsukoshi <Autumn Casual Pearl Fair>
Wednesday, August 16, 2023 - Tuesday, October 3, 2023

According to the calendar, autumn has begun as the first day of autumn, and although the days are still hot, it is said to be the time when signs of autumn are approaching.

Why not add some changes to your jewelry as you start changing into your fall outfits?

At the "Autumn Casual Pearl Fair," we offer elegant and lustrous pearl jewelry.
Please enjoy it according to the occasion and style.

(Left) White butterfly pearl pendant (K18WG, 12.8mm ball, chain length: approx. 40cm, length adjustable approx. 2cm) 440,000 yen
(Right) White butterfly pearl brooch (SV, 9.5mm to 11.5mm beads) 99,000 yen

➁The lines of Akoya pearls, gold, and platinum are woven into pendants and earrings with a light design that resembles nuts swaying in the autumn breeze.

(Left) Akoya pearl pendant (K18YG, Pt, 8.0mm beads, D = 0.01ct in total, chain length: approx. 39cm) 110,000 yen
(Right) Akoya pearl earrings (K18YG, 5.0mm beads) 121,000 yen

➂ Beautiful golden white butterfly pearls, like the moon floating in the autumn night sky, are made into simple pendants and rings.
This item is perfect for casual wear.

(Left) White butterfly pearl ring (K18YG, 11.3mm beads, D = 0.36ct in total) 484,000 yen
(Right) White butterfly pearl pendant (K18YG, 10.7mm beads, D = 0.15ct in total, chain length: approx. 45cm, length adjustable) 286,000 yen

➃A black butterfly pearl brooch that adds a mature elegance to the chest of a jacket or sweater.
*The black butterfly pearl and Akoya pearl long design necklace can also be used separately as a necklace (59cm) and a bracelet (20cm).

(Left) Black butterfly pearl Akoya pearl convertible necklace (K18WG, K14WG, SV, black butterfly pearl 10.1mm to 12.2mm beads, Akoya pearls 8.0mm beads, total length approx. 79cm) 396,000 yen
(Right) Black butterfly pearl brooch (SV, 9.5mm ball) 60,500 yen

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