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Sapporo Mitsukoshi ~Tahitian Pearl Fair~

Sapporo Mitsukoshi <Tahitian Pearl Fair>
Friday, August 18, 2023 - Sunday, September 17, 2023

Tahitian pearls are gemstones born in the rich waters of Tahiti.

The deep colors and solid feel create a sophisticated style.

Please take this opportunity to visit us.

➀Black butterfly pearl necklace SIL 45cm ¥330.000 including tax

➁Black butterfly pearl design necklace k18WG 11.1-12.0mm ¥440.000- including tax
➂Black butterfly pearl earrings K18WG 10.4mm ¥286.000 including tax

➃Black butterfly pearl brooch SIL 9.0mm shell ¥55,000- including tax

➄Black butterfly pearl pendant K18WG 12.2mm 45cm with length adjustment function D=0.04ct Shell ¥286.000- including tax
➅Black butterfly pearl ring Pt 10.6mm 0.21ct ¥374.000 including tax

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