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Announcement of Hatachino Love Letter winners

Thank you very much to everyone who applied for the “Hatachino Love Letter 2022-2023” campaign.
After a rigorous review, we selected the Mori Pearl Prize and Special Prize.

As was the case with the previous campaign, my heart was moved each time I touched upon the feelings that were put into each letter.
I would also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your precious memories and anecdotes with me.
thank you very much.

We have announced the winners of this "Hatachino Love Letter 2022-2023".
Please take a look at the campaign page. ⇒Campaign page
We also introduce you on Instagram .

We look forward to hearing your feedback.
(*Please refrain from posting comments that are intended to hurt others, such as slander and slander. If we confirm such comments, we will delete them.)

Congratulations to all of you who have reached adulthood.
I believe that your student life and daily life have been difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic.
I hope that you will have many wonderful encounters in your future life.
best ally

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