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A letter to you on your 20th birthday

A letter to you on your 20th birthday
Region: Fukushima Prefecture
Pen name: Mr. Crystalos
Partner: People reaching their 20s

A message from you to someone turning 20


Dear Sir or Madam, To you who is now 20 years old Now that you are 20 years old, how do you feel about this day?
I'm sure your family will bless you, and you'll be filled with joy and joy with your friends, and you'll be in a radiant mood.
Please don't forget that you are now 20 years old, approximately 7,300 days have passed since the day you were born, and please keep this in your heart.
As a 20-year-old, your life ahead is your future.
The fact that you were able to live until the day you turned 20 is an irreplaceable pride for you.
I reached my 20th birthday a little earlier than you, and I would like to send this ``letter'' to you now that I am 20 years old.
And if someday you meet someone who is turning 20, please give this message to them.
I hope that this feeling will last for a long time and be entrusted to the 20-year-olds who will live in the future.

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