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second 20 year old

second 20 year old
Region: Saitama Prefecture
Pen name: Sacchan
Partner: Younger sister

A message from you to someone turning 20


Before I turned 40, misfortune struck me.
A miscarriage, my husband's motorcycle accident, and caring for my parents.
One day, I complained to you that I didn't want to turn 40 in my 30s.
Then she gave me a skirt and said, ``At 40, it's your second hatachi.''
It is short and even has frills.
If people in town saw this, they would probably laugh.
Still, these words cheered me up.
No matter how old you are, you should never give up on your dreams and hopes. That's what I thought.
Hey, Rin.
Let's go to Odaiba once the coronavirus is over.
At that time, I'm going to enjoy my second hatachi in this skirt.
I'd like to lose a little more weight than I do now.

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