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best ally

Special prize
best ally
Region: Kanagawa Prefecture
Pen name: Omochi-san
Partner: Mother

A message from you to your loved ones as you enter adulthood


My number one ally has always been my mother.
When I came home crying after a fight with a friend, he gently rubbed my back and asked me, ``What's wrong?''
In junior high and high school, I was a member of a brass band that had a lot of morning practice, but he woke up first thing every morning, made me a lunch box, and sent me off, saying, ``Good luck.''
I was worried that I might not get into my first choice of university entrance exams, but he told me, ``Don't worry about money, just get into the university you want to go to first.''
The reason I was able to reach adulthood safely is definitely thanks to my mother, who has always supported me.
Thank you, Mom, for always being my "number one ally."

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