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To my brother

To my brother
Region: Saitama Prefecture
Pen name: J
Partner: Older brother

A message from you to your loved ones as you enter adulthood


My brother is 3 years apart.
When I was in elementary school, there were really constant fights.
I'm always so upset about losing to my brother that I just cry to his face.
When I was going to swimming school twice a week, my mom couldn't pick me up because she had to run an errand, so my older brother came by bicycle to pick me up instead.
Even as a child, I was happy that my older brother would come to pick me up, as I was always fighting and crying.
On the way home he gave me a ride on the back of his bicycle. My butt hurts a lot and I'm scared of dark streets at night.
But my brother's kindness was very reassuring.
I don't remember if I could say it properly at that time, but thank you very much.
Although we are living far apart now, we were able to reach adulthood safely.

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