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The reason why I was able to win the battle with Kokoro

Mori Pearl Award
The reason why I was able to win the battle with Kokoro
Region: Saitama Prefecture
Pen name: Nayuri
Partner: Mother

A message from you to your loved ones as you enter adulthood


I have been suffering from a mental illness called schizophrenia since I was in the first year of junior high school.
At first, my mother grieved with me, and when I became depressed due to my illness, or when I became pessimistic and desperate, she would sink with me.
However, my mother bought me many books and learned about the disease, and supported me in what I wanted to do.
Thanks to your support, as my illness improved, I started a volunteer group for people with the same illness and became its representative.
I was able to make it into the news and go on to university.
Everything was possible because my mother supported and understood me.
thanks Mom.
And Hatachi's summer. I'm getting married.
I was able to overcome my illness and get married. At the wedding, instead of crying tears of sadness, let's smile and cry together, Mom. Even if we are far apart, under the same sky.

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