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Spread your wings!

Flap your wings
Region: Ibaraki Prefecture
Pen name: Kiyotan
Partner: Eldest son

A message from you to your loved one who is coming of age


My son has been shy since he was little.
It's fun once you get there, but every morning when I take you to nursery school, you always see a crying face at the door. And finally, I went to kindergarten crying for three years until the day before graduation.
Even when he was in high school, I was worried because even though he didn't cry, he seemed to have a hard time adjusting to the situation.
When I became a university student, I guess I finally broke out of my shell, and I was blessed with friends.
I'm relieved to see you living a vibrant university life.
You are shining brightly now!
From now on, every time I have many encounters, I will not shrink my wings,
Please spread your wings and say, ``I belong here.'' Congratulations on becoming an adult.

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