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What is the meaning of June birthstone pearl? Explanation of stone words and charms

June birthstone pearl The three birthstones for June are pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.

Among these, pearls are probably one of the gemstones that we Japanese people are familiar with.
Many people wear them during ceremonies that mark milestones in their lives, such as ceremonial occasions.

Although most people think of it as a white gemstone that emits a soft glow, it is actually a very deep gemstone with many unknown secrets.
This time, we will tell you about the basic knowledge of June's birthstone, pearls, as well as the stone's meaning and charm.

If you were born in June and would like to know more about birthstones, please take a look.

What is the June birthstone pearl?

Many people probably know that pearls are gemstones obtained from shellfish and are the birthstone for June.
According to one theory, there are 100,000 types of shellfish in the world, and theoretically all shellfish can produce pearls.

However, in reality, there are only a few types of shellfish that can produce beautiful pearls, and there are only about 10 types of shellfish that can produce quality comparable to those found in jewelry stores.
The mechanism by which pearls are made has been elucidated to some extent.

First, when a core foreign object enters the shellfish, secretions from the mantle form a layer that coats the foreign object.
The coating becomes the mother-of-pearl layer, and by layering thousands of layers, it creates the unique luster of pearls.

Natural pearls are pearls that are formed by chance inside shellfish without human intervention, and cultured pearls are those in which the nucleus is artificially placed inside shellfish.Currently, cultured pearls are the mainstream.
pearl ballJune birthstone

Pearl meaning/stone words

If you are born in June, you will want to know the meaning and words of the stone when wearing your birthstone.
Pearl's stone words are "wealth, health, and longevity."
The reason why it became this stone word can be easily understood by looking at its history.

Pearls are one of the oldest gemstones, and unlike other gemstones that need polishing to shine, pearls are beautiful in their natural state, and were therefore treated as extremely valuable gemstones.
Before artificial cultivation, pearls were nothing short of a miracle.

It is said that the pearl earrings that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra wore at a banquet with Antony were worth enough to buy a small country.

Pearls have also been prized as medicine.
In the 16th century Chinese medicinal book ``Bencao Mimou'', it is said to ``calm the mind, clarify the eyes, and beautify the face,'' and it was actually used as a medicine in many countries and regions.

As for what the actual effect was, it is said that the main ingredient in pearls is calcium carbonate, so it may have had some effect.
Historically, pearls have been a symbol of wealth, health, and longevity.
cleopatra pearl

The charm of pearl

Now, I would like to explain the charm of pearls one by one.
Pearls are gemstones that have many charms that other gemstones do not have.
We will explain it from three perspectives: beauty, type, and fashion.

elegant beauty

Speaking of the charm of pearls, it is the unique shine of pearls called teri.
The glossy shine brings out an elegant yet gorgeous and gentle atmosphere.

In addition, beautiful pearls have a color called interference color that stands out, which is different from the ground color.
Just as the edges of a colorless and transparent soap bubble appear colored, pearls also appear to have interference colors of pink and green.

High-quality pearls with a combination of texture and interference colors are elegant yet have a presence that is second to none.
What's more, the shine of the pearl has the same effect as a reflector, reducing the shadows on the skin as if it were illuminated from below.

This is called the "portrait effect" and has the effect of removing dullness from your face and improving your complexion.

Rich variety

When you think of pearls, you may think of white beads with a diameter of about 8mm, but they are actually gemstones that come in a variety of colors and types.
In terms of colors, they include gold, black, pink, and blue.

Gold is gorgeous and gorgeous, and black is solemn, but it makes interference colors stand out.
Pink is cute and elegant, and blue is cool yet gentle.

The size also varies depending on the type of pearl, including South Sea pearls that are over 11 mm in size and Akoya pearls that are only around 1 mm.
Please take a look at the various types at our store.
3 types of pearls

Both formal and casual are possible

In Japan, pearls have a formal impression for ceremonial occasions, but from a global perspective, they are highly versatile jewelry that can be enjoyed even casually.
A chain necklace that can be worn on ceremonial occasions can also be worn with casual clothes to give it a sophisticated look.

Recently, the number of men who enjoy pearl jewelry has increased, and I think there are more people who are enjoying it in ways that are not bound by conventional stereotypes.

If you want to buy June birthstone pearl jewelry

When we look into the history of pearl, the birthstone for June, we learn that it is a gemstone that symbolizes wealth, health, and longevity.
Due to its elegant beauty and variety of varieties, it is rapidly gaining popularity not only in Japan but all over the world.

Japan is especially famous as a country of pearls, and many foreign tourists come to Japan to buy Japanese pearls.
We Japanese people are able to touch pearls so easily, and it may actually be a luxury for us.

I think more and more people are choosing high-quality pearls because they can be enjoyed both formally and casually.
High-quality items are true family treasures that can be passed down not only to you but also to your children and grandchildren for generations.

If you are born in June and would like to wear pearls, which are your birthstone, you may be able to find high-quality pearls that can be passed down from generation to generation at Mori Pearl, which has a history of 50 years.

Mori Pearl is a pearl jewelry company located in Tokyo.
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