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Are there any grades for black butterfly pearls? Explaining the charm and how to choose

black butterfly pearl
When most people hear the word pearl, they probably think of Akoya pearls, which are white beads about 8 mm in diameter.
However, there are many different types of pearls depending on the mother oyster, and they delight us with their various colors, sizes, and beauties.
Among them, black butterfly pearls are particularly attractive and exude a solemn elegance.
Also known as Tahitian pearls, these pearls have a beautiful black background and a unique shine.
However, when it comes time to buy one, you may be confused about how to choose, whether there are different grades, etc.
This time, we will introduce the charm of black butterfly pearls, whether they have different grades, how to evaluate their quality, and how to choose them.

The stage for Black Butterfly Pearl is the world

Japan is the country of pearls, and when it comes to pearls, it's Japan.
The great invention of cultured pearls shocked the world. Japan's success in alchemy immediately attracted the attention of the world.
But that's a thing of the past.
Nowadays, a wide variety of pearls are cultivated from mother-of-pearl oysters (shellfish with a lustrous mother-of-pearl layer) that live in various regions around the world. A representative example of this is the black butterfly pearl, which is cultivated from black butterfly pearls.

This bivalve mollusk, which is widely distributed in the South Pacific, got its name because when it is spread out, it resembles a butterfly with black wings.
In Japan, pearls have come to be associated with ceremonial occasions, and for a long time it has been recommended that pearls be used in different ways: white for special occasions, and black for mourning.
(In Japan, it has become a pearl for Buddhist ceremonies.)
I think this can be said to be a uniquely Japanese culture.

Charm of black butterfly pearl

Tahiti seaTahiti sea
The origin of black butterfly pearls dates back to 1961, when the Tahiti government requested Japanese engineers to bring black butterfly pearls to shore for the first time.
Currently, they are farmed in a wide range of areas including Tahiti and Fiji, and even in Japan on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa.
The charm of black butterfly pearl is its color.
The background color of black butterfly pearls varies from gray to deep black.
The ground color contains red, green, and yellow pigments, which create a rich variety of colors.
The color of black butterfly pearls is described as black, but when you actually look at them, you can see a variety of colors, such as those with a hint of green, some with red appearing or disappearing, and even blue.
Perhaps the most appealing aspect of black butterfly pearls is their profound beauty, which is more than just black.

Are there any grades for black butterfly pearls?

There is an international evaluation standard for diamonds called the 4Cs, but there is no such clear grade for other pearls, including black butterfly pearls.
However, this does not mean that there are no grades; there are fixed standards for what is good or bad.
Buyers and vendors evaluate, purchase, and select products based on these standards.

How to choose black butterfly pearls

Here we will explain how to choose black butterfly pearls.
Black butterfly pearls do not have a clear grade, so what criteria should you use when choosing one?
Price is of course important, but just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's the right color or size for you.
The basics of choosing a black butterfly pearl are to keep in mind the three points that determine its quality: preference for color, shape, and size.
black butterfly pearl


Black butterfly pearls have the widest variety of colors among pearls, and in addition to a wide range of colors, they also have shading, and darker colors tend to be highly valued.
Among them, the one that is said to be particularly attractive and beautiful is the black butterfly pearl, which has a deep green tone similar to a peacock's feathers.
It is commonly called peacock color and is said to be the highest quality of black butterfly pearl.

black butterfly pearl necklace


First of all, the shape is most evaluated as a perfect circle.
A perfectly round pearl may be commonplace for Japanese people.
However, the baroque shape (largely deformed shape) is the most common pearl shape overseas, and until cultured pearls were developed in Japan, they were something of a miracle.
It is said that this historical background is the reason why perfectly round pearls are still highly valued today.
*As the diversification has progressed in recent years, styles such as drop and baroque are becoming more popular in Japan due to the trend of emphasizing individuality.

black butterfly pearl


The size of black butterfly pearls varies considerably, but I think a typical black butterfly pearl would be 10mm or more.
The larger the item, the more rare it is and the higher the price.
Also, if it is not only large but also well-shaped, it will be highly rated and its value will increase significantly.
When choosing a necklace, size is important, but it is also important to have a shape that doesn't feel uncomfortable when worn around the neck.
Although there are necklaces that come in the same size, most black butterfly pearl necklaces have a gradation pattern in which the bead size gradually changes from the center.


Quality is judged based on three criteria: finish, cover, and scratches. Let's explain them one by one.

Maki refers to the thickness of the mother-of-pearl layer, and the thicker the mother-of-pearl layer, the more durable it is.
Since these are pearls that will be used for a long time, it is best to choose ones with a certain thickness.

Teri refers to the unique way a pearl shines.
When you look into a beautiful pearl with a lining, you can clearly see your silhouette, but on the other hand, a pearl without a lining has a vague silhouette.

The third thing is whether or not there are any scratches.
As pearls form inside the mother oyster, their surface becomes uneven.
Things with less of it are very rare in nature.

In this way, unlike diamonds, black pearls do not have a clear grade, but their value is actually judged based on various points.
If you choose based on three criteria: color, size, and quality, you may be able to find an attractive black butterfly pearl.

If you want to buy black butterfly pearl jewelry

This time, with the theme of "Black Butterfly Pearl", we introduced its charm, grades, and how to choose one.

black butterfly pearl
Black pearl is a gemstone with great charm.
Beautiful and diverse colors and brilliance, and a large size with a strong presence.
Each piece has a unique charm that no other gemstone has.
Please find your favorite black butterfly pearl based on color, size, and quality.

Mori Pearl, which has been mainly wholesaler to department stores for nearly 50 years, has a wide selection of high quality and attractive black butterfly pearls.
If you want to use high-quality pearls for a long time, you may be able to make your wish come true here.

black butterfly pearl
This is because Mori Pearl has strict screening criteria in place to check each pearl one by one.
Pearls are the most delicate of all gemstones, so they require thorough quality control.
Furthermore, each item comes with a certificate card, so it would be great for yourself or as a gift.

forest pearl
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