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Sapporo Mitsukoshi ~Graduation Commemoration Special~

Sapporo Mitsukoshi
<MORI PEARL> Graduation entrance commemorative special feature

We offer pearls suitable for various occasions such as graduation and entrance to school.
Please try it in store.

■SV Akoya pearl necklace 7.0mm~9.0mm beads
275,000 yen - 4,950,000 yen

■K18WG Akoya pearl pendant 8.0mm ball, length 45cm
110,000 yen

■K18WG Akoya pearl pendant 9.0mm ball, D=0.07ct, length 45cm
264,000 yen

■K18WG Akoya pearl earrings 3.0mm to 9.0mm beads
16,500 yen - 247,500 yen

■K18WG Akoya pearl earrings 7.0mm to 9.0mm beads
71,500 yen - 418,000 yen

*The number of listed products is limited. Please pardon the case of run out.
*All images are for illustrative purposes only.
*K18 stands for 18-karat gold, WG stands for white gold, SV stands for silver, D stands for diamond, and CT stands for carat.
*All prices include tax.

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