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Hiroshima Mitsukoshi ~MORI PEARL Ceremony Pearl Fair~

Hiroshima Mitsukoshi
MORI PEARL Ceremony Pearl Fair
~ “Precious moments” with pearls ~

Date and time: February 1, 2024 (Thursday) - February 29, 2024 (Thursday)
Location: 4th floor jewelry salon Mori Pearl

A new year has begun, and the season of departure is approaching.
People who are going on a journey to become a member of society, people who are going on a journey in search of a new place of learning, and people who are in positions of responsibility need to be well-groomed.

At Mori Pearl, we offer pearls suitable for various occasions under the title "Ceremony Fair."
Please try it in store.

■Akoya pearl necklace
SV 7.0mm ball length approx. 42cm 275,000 yen~
SV 7.5mm ball length approx. 42cm 330,000 yen~
SV 8.0mm ball length approx. 42cm 440,000 yen~

■Akoya pearl earrings
K18WG 7.0mm ball 71,500 yen
K18WG 7.5mm ball 90,200 yen
K18WG 8.0mm ball 125,400 yen
K18WG 8.5mm ball 161,700 yen

*All prices include tax.

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