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Tsukino Kaeru x Mori Pearl collaboration exhibition “Tsuki no Shizuku”

Tsukino Kaeru x Mori Pearl collaboration exhibition “Tsuki no Shizuku”
Saturday, November 4, 2023 - Sunday, November 12, 2023

Mori Pearl Shop & Gallery will hold its first collaborative exhibition with layered pop artist Kaeru Tsukino.
A number of works that are layered and captivating with a unique worldview.
3D art is a multi-layered combination of different materials and illustrations.

During this period, there will also be an artist's gallery.
Please come and see the worldview of Kaeru Tsukino's works.
We'll be expecting you.

■Author biography
Born in Hachioji, Tokyo in 1963.
At the age of 46, I worked as a system engineer at an IT company and was in a middle management position, when I started my art career while working as an office worker.
For me, who had not received any art education since my high school classes, engaging in art activities felt like going back to retrieve something I had forgotten from my childhood.
At the age of 56, he retired and devoted himself to writing.
Currently, I am developing hybrid art that combines digital illustrations with materials such as transparent resin and mirrors.

■Main exhibition history
<Solo exhibition>
  • 2023.06 “LAYERED POP ART” Kitashinagawa gallery201
  • 2023.05 “The world of multi-level semi-3D paintings” Mitsukoshi Nagoya Sakae Art Gallery / Nagoya
  • 2022.11 “Memory Toy Box” BrainBrunnGALLERY / Hachioji
  • 2022.11 “LAYERED POP ART” YUGEN gallery / Shibuya
  • 2022.06 “LAYERED POP ART” Kitashinagawa gallery201
  • 2022.05 "LAYERED POP ART" Galleria Omotesando Harajuku / Tokyo
  • 2022.04 “LAYERED POP ART” Art Gallery 410 Gallery / Fukuoka
  • 2021.08 "LAYERED POP ART" TERRADA ART COMPLEXⅡ contemporay tokyo
  • 2021.04 “LAYERED POP ART” Kitashinagawa gallery201
  • 2020.08 “3D POP ART” Galleria Omotesando Harajuku
  • 2019.09 “3D POP ART” Kitashinagawa gallery201
  • 2018.07 “3D POP ART” Galleria Harajuku
  • 2016.06 “CANDY POP 3D ART” Galleria Harajuku
  • 2014.05 “3D Art Exhibition” Kitashinagawa gallery201

  • <Art fairs, etc.>
  • 2023.04 TAGBOAT ARTFAIR / Takeshiba
  • 2022.12 10th Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition / National Art Center, Tokyo
  • 2022.06 Art Stage Osaka / Osaka
  • 2022.05 ART Busan / South Korea: Busan
  • 2022.03 TAGBOAT ARTFAIR / Takeshiba
  • 2022.02 power of ART / Artglorieux GINZA SIX
  • 2021.04-06 Exhibited at art fair in China (ART Beijing, JINGART)
  • 2021.03 TAGBOAT ARTFAIR / Takeshiba
  • 2019.10 unknown asia exchange OSAKA / Osaka
  • 2019.04-10 Exhibited at art fairs in China (Chengdu, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Beijing)
  • 2016.11 Daegu Art Fair / South Korea: Daegu

  • <Award history>
  • 2022.11 Origin of Beauty Exhibition 2022 (Grand Prize)
  • 2022.01 Brain Brunn ART AWARD 2022 (Grand Prize)
  • 2021.12 Origin of Beauty Exhibition 2021 (Encouragement Award)
  • 2019.08 Independent TOKYO 2019 (Tugboat Special Award Winner)
  • 2017.06 International art competition “Art Olympia Exhibition 2017” (Selected)
  • 2016.07 Independent2016 (Daegu Special Award Winner)

  • ■Comments from Kaeru Tsukino regarding the collaboration exhibition "Moondrops" is another name for pearls, and the ancient Romans praised the beautiful pearls that emerged from inside oysters.
    This time, for the collaboration exhibition between Mori Pearl and Tsukino Kaeru, we asked them to tell us the story about pearls.
    Please take a look at the works created while thinking about the characteristics of pearls and their role in history.

    Date: November 4th (Sat) - 12th (Sun), 2023
    *The artist will be in the gallery, but the gallery will be closed on November 8th (Wednesday).
    Time: 12:00-18:00 Location: Mori Pearl Shop & Gallery 1-12-11 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo TEL 03-3246-1492
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