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Event Announcement Honami Shigeta Solo Exhibition “Tenderness”

We will be holding a solo exhibition by Honami Shigeta, an aquatic life artist who was featured in the pre-release this summer.

Based on the theme of the cycle of life, I use aquatic creatures to depict the strength and fragility of life. The streamlines drawn by carving layers of paint express the "breath that can be sensed from life."

Feeling uncomfortable about the fact that he was constantly generating garbage by creating pen paintings in his own home, he turned his attention to Japanese painting materials such as rocks, soil, and shells, and turned to his current mixed media works.

We are also focusing on upcycle art, which breathes new life into unnecessary buoys by adding art to them.

This exhibition will be Honami Shigeta's last exhibition for the year.

It is said that new works will be announced, so we hope you will enjoy them along with the previous works.

Also, last month I tried crowdfunding for the first time and achieved great success (175% success rate).

Click here for details on crowdfunding. (*Currently closed.)

Honami Shigeta's worldview is one in which she has overcome each challenge she has set herself and has carefully built up her history.

The life force of living things and the power of art will envelop those who view the work like an ocean.

Please take a look at the theme of this exhibition, "Tenderness." We'll be expecting you.

During the event, the first 100 people who visit will receive a postcard from the artist himself.

Aquatic life artist Honami Shigeta solo exhibition “Tenderness”
10:30-18:00 (closes at 17:00 on the last day)
Mori Pearl Shop & Gallery

*Scheduled presence of the artist: Every day (13:00-18:00)
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