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Sapporo Mitsukoshi ~Autumn Brooch Special~

Sapporo Mitsukoshi <Autumn brooch special feature>
October 1, 2023 (Sunday) - October 31, 2023 (Tuesday)

A brooch that changes the look of your everyday outfit is an essential item for fall attire.
We will introduce pearl brooches that suit a wide range of age groups, such as designs that go well with casual attire and elegant flower motifs.
We also recommend it as an anniversary gift.

➀S IL 15.5mm White butterfly pearl brooch ¥99.000

➁S IL 8.0~8.5mm Akoya pearl brooch ¥110.000

➂S IL White butterfly pearl brooch ¥110.000

➃S IL 10.5mm Black butterfly pearl brooch ¥44.000

➄S IL 7.0mm Akoya pearl brooch ¥41.800

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