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To my second father.

To my second father.
Area: Tokyo
Pen name: Kirakira Boshi
Partner: Senpai

A message from your 20-year-old self to your loved one


When I was a teenager, it was my longed-for first performance.
The theme of the work is pure love.
I was filled with anxiety and fear beyond words.
A savior who saved me during this time.
It was a senior who played the role of my lover.
Let's have the purest love together.
We will work hard together.
Just before the actual performance.
Standing in the same position as me, with a different career, age, and gender, he gently extended his hand and clasped it in his big hand.
He hugged me with a kind heart.
The hearts of my seniors and I became one.
You can't create a stage alone.
His eyes were filled with love as he looked at me as a lover on stage, and I was able to love him from the bottom of my heart.
The duet seemed to melt into each other's hearts, filled with pure love, and that love reached the hearts of the audience.
A world of love that was created only because I was with my senior.
Thank you for wrapping me in your big heart.
With my heartfelt respect and love that I will never forget.
I will put in the feelings that I couldn't express at that time.

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