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Long-sleeved kimono

Long-sleeved kimono
Region: Tokyo
Pen name: Tatami
Partner: Lover

A message from your 20-year-old self to your loved one


I write a letter to my girlfriend, whom I started dating in the summer of my second year of high school.
I've seen you in many different ways over the past three and a half years, but when I saw you in your long-sleeved kimono again at the coming-of-age ceremony the other day, I realized that you've really grown up.
It's really beautiful.
I'm supposed to be looking at you when you're 20 years old, but for some reason I remember things like the sunbeams festival (high school festival), the exam life we ​​overcame together, and the big meaningless fight lol. Usually, I'm too embarrassed to say anything. However, the memories I have of my youth, including those spent with you, are my most treasured possessions.
And let's continue to make memories together.

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