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To my grandma who is surely watching over me

Special prize
To my grandma who is surely watching over me
Region: Kanagawa Prefecture
Pen name: The child who loves grandpa and grandma the most in the world
Partner: Grandmother

A message from your 20-year-old self to your loved one


Hey, I'm 20 now.
My beloved grandma passed away two years ago.
I wonder if he's watching.
They were looking forward to seeing me in furisode more than anyone else.
Even though my mother laughed at me, I said, ``You're cuter than anyone else, and you definitely look the best on me.''
I said, ``I'm going to show you my long-sleeved kimono, and then let's have a drink together.'' But that didn't happen.
I was so spoiled, but I finally turned 20.
What do you think of the long-sleeved kimono?
Today, I'm going to have a drink with my grandpa.
My grandma is with me, and I have these thoughts in mind. cheers.

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